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It's well known that chemicals in products have taken their toxic toll on our planet, but have you ever considered the effects on the physical and mental health of you and your family? Do you or anyone you love have allergies, headaches, respiratory or digestive issues, attention or immune system problems or other health issues that may have environmental causes - but it just seems too difficult and overwhelming to get to the bottom of it all?

The impact of chemical and toxic products on our planet has been in the forefront of discussion and politics for quite a while now. It is time to focus on the impact of these effects on human beings. There are more seriously dangerous chemicals in preservatives, additives, pesticides, and chemical compounds in our food, household and personal products than ever before. These products, which are utilized in our homes, offices, and schools, on a daily basis, for cleaning, personal hygiene, food consumption, etc. can consist of chemicals that are often toxic and deadly to the functioning and balance of the human body. Most people have not taken the time to evaluate the products they consume or are exposed to regularly, in their everyday life. Just small adjustments to some of the choices people make in the products they consume and utilize, will greatly enhance their longevity, vitality and wellness.

LiveWell Life Counts consultants will help educate consumers about products they are using that might be harmful to their health. We will make suggestions to help you protect you and your family from everyday toxins and health hazards in the products you consume and use. Our mission is to assist you in finding safer alternatives and to help you make better, educated choices for a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to bring awareness to the population, so that everyone will take responsibility in being a consumer; and that responsibility in choice, will contribute to you


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    Dr. Byrnes, I've been unhealthy for so long that I'd lost hope. In my reality, tired and sick were the norm. Thank you for showing me a new reality, full of energy and vitality! It's nice to know I'm not crazy---- it's the food. Thank you!

    Andrea R.